Core Technology

Core Technology


UBank's trading system uses multilateral technology to seamlessly connect to the data ports of hundreds of mainstream exchanges around the world. The transaction is certified by an authoritative assessment center. The order processing speed is up to 10 million units per second. It is believed that this speed has surpassed most systems in the industry. Hundreds, even thousands of times, can guarantee that there will be no delays and delays in order processing. The system has rich and successful application experience in other similar exchanges, and can support the smooth and stable operation of exchanges with more than 50 million online users at the same time.
Project advantage

Project advantage


1. UBank's decentralized wallet is truly reliable UBank wants to create a new generation of decentralized wallet exchanges. All real trading data is on the chain and cannot be tampered with and can be checked at any time. Completely change the problem of opaque transactions in centralized exchanges.   2. UBank Initiator Australia Worthysilver Group is strong in Australia The Worthysilver Group is headquartered in Sydney, is a collection of equity investment, asset management, listing counseling, fund management, blockchain investment incubation, global digital asset exchange And other international integrated financial groups. The group has a number of senior financial experts, blockchain experts, team members from Morgan Stanley, UBS and other internationally renowned financial institutions, core members have more than 30 years of financial investment theory research and practical experience.   3. UBank evangelists have great influence Xu Gang, member of the Communist Party of China, Master of Accounting (TACCC) of Tianjin University of Finance and Economics, Doctor of Business Administration of Braka National University. Co-Chair of the World Digital Cooperation Organization (WDEC), Chairman of the WBO Strategic Investment Committee (SIC), Executive Vice President of the World Digital Economy Forum (WDEF), and co-founder of the World Blockchain Conference (WBF).   4. The UBank project uses mines as a guarantee. The project has invested in a mine consisting of hundreds of thousands of mining machines to ensure the safety and stability of its members' assets.     7. UBank dividends are stable and smooth. A strong technical team ensures that the UBank project operates stably, pays dividends every day, withdraws cash at any time, and automatically operates the coin-operated coin-operated system. 5. UBank participates in the low threshold. Experience miners for 300 US dollars, you can enjoy mining dividends. Official miners also cost as little as $3,000.   6. UBank dividend income guarantees the income of hundreds of thousands of mining machines, the market value management income of Hong Kong professional teams, the brick-and-mortar income of the world's major exchanges, the items provided by the various parties to the exchange, the exchange every day. Transaction gain   8. Participate in UBnak's mainstream currency for multiple-income recharge, with daily dividends and revenue. The UBNK platform currency held has gained the price increase. Airdrop candy income from each project side.
9. UBank's participation method is very simple. You can play it yourself, the investment funds are not capped, and the daily dividends can be withdrawn. With people playing, you can get unlimited rewards.


high performance
Intellectual property management
safe and stable
Financial management

1: distributed ledger
2: Smart contract
3: Consensus mechanism
4: Data encryption

No network payment

Encrypted transmission
Identity registration
Regional confirmation

Inclusive finance

Mining relationship
Peer analysis
Frequency analysis
Person type analysis
Liquidity support

UBank has a wealth of resources and numerous partners in the industry. Before the system went online, it has reached consensus with a number of domestic and foreign mines, investment funds and large trading companies. After the U B a n k platform is launched, their transactions will be transferred to our platform. Provide sufficient liquidity for the platform and bring users a good trading experience.

UBank will provide support for all platform clients

Multi-language support
The first phase of UBank's online version has been supported in both Chinese and English. Later, it will gradually support other languages including Japanese and Korean, and clear the language barrier for building a world-class blockchain asset trading platform.