People's Daily Overseas Edition: 5G Linmen Returnee Ventures Targeting Internet of Everything

Issuing time:2019-03-20 00:00

From telegrams and telephones to mobile phones, from 1G to 4G, communication technology brings endless convenience and well-being to humans and society. Today we are welcoming the 5G era. What is 5G in the end?

5G, the fifth-generation communication technology, has faster performance, wider bandwidth and lower latency than 4G.

5G applications are no longer just mobile phones, it will face the future of virtual reality, smart city, industrial Internet, car networking, driverless, smart home, smart medical, drone and so on.

This is a data revolution that has changed from quantitative to qualitative, triggered by massive data. It is a revolution in technological innovation to promote social progress. It is driven by technology, from the connection of people to the Internet of Everything, from individuals and families to all areas of society, and thus revolutionized the social economy and life.

New opportunities for returnees to start a business:

From the Internet of Things to Zhilian

"5G can increase the bandwidth and increase the speed of information exchange. Its transmission speed and data carrying capacity are 100 times ahead of 4G. Therefore, the arrival of 5G makes the Internet of Things, that is, the rapid interaction between things and things, things and people. It’s at your fingertips,” said Wang Jinbao. He graduated from the National University of Singapore School of Business and Business School. He is currently the Senior Vice President of Midtown Smart City Investment Co., Ltd. He has been engaged in smart city construction planning and construction management services in recent years.

The "2017 Government Investment Informatization Interactive Data Analysis Report" released on July 2nd of the 22nd China International Software Expo shows that the largest investment sector in the current transaction volume is still the Internet of Things, but investment in the field of big data and artificial intelligence. The growth rate of the amount has obviously accelerated. The fusion industry of Internet of Things and artificial intelligence has entered our field of vision.

Wang Jinbao’s main line of business has gradually shifted from the Internet of Things to the construction of smart cities. He said: “From the Internet of Things to a smart city is a necessity. There is no gap or boundary between them. This trend is the most concerned in the industry and is worth further. The part that opens up and explores."

Returnees are starting a business in the Internet of Things:

Pay attention to the domestic market

Fan Jintao studied for the MBA program of senior management at the East West University of the United States. After returning to China, he served as Executive Dean of Zhuhai Co., Ltd. of Ruihua Bell (South) Industrial Internet Research Institute. When analyzing the entrepreneurial advantages of Returnees in the field of Internet of Things, she said: "The international academic talents and superior technical resources represented by the returnees are a systematic integration beyond the original subject knowledge system and research scope. In materials, engineering technology In the core scientific and technological aspects of basic fields such as control technology, domestic research is still relatively lacking, and many technical bottlenecks need to be broken, and returnees can show their talents in these fields."

Wang Zhiqin, head of China's IMT-2020 (5G) promotion group and vice president of China Information and Communication Research Institute, said that many of the pioneering concepts proposed by China have been recognized in the 5G standard; the promotion of industrial Internet of Things and smart city construction has become National strategy, all localities are trying to absorb talents and retain talents. Under such a background, the return of the returning country to the country is a strong foundation for industrial construction and intelligent manufacturing. For the returnees who returned to China to start a business, Wang Jinbao reminded: "The advantage of returnees is to understand the international market and bring back new business models. However, it is often difficult to form a complete team and capital chain because of the lack of awareness and grasp of the domestic business environment. ”

Fan Jintao suggested: "How international projects, professional teams and technical talents can properly connect with domestic market demand, especially domestic capital, is the key to the success of entrepreneurship. Haigui should pay attention to the professional technology and industry. The matching of downstream funds and projects will find the application points of technology on the entire entrepreneurial ecosystem platform. This is the key business logic for industrializing technology in the short term."

Prospects for returnee entrepreneurship:

Subject knowledge combined with internet of things

Chang Yue is studying electronic communication at Queen Mary College, University of London, UK, and is very concerned about the innovative research and development of application services in the 5G era. He said: "The Internet of Things is a platform to be built. How to develop new products on this platform with the help of other disciplines and technologies is the focus of our business. For example, combining the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence. The vehicle network realizes the interactive communication between people, vehicles, roads and clouds, and coordinates the road map and congestion time to realize smart travel. The research and development and innovation of these technologies play an important role in promoting the construction of smart cities."

Cui Linxiao, who studied electronic communication technology at the University of California, Berkeley, also expressed interest in the convergence of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. "The commercial Internet of Things is reflected in all aspects of people's lives, such as real-time detection of health status and detection. Information is analyzed and processed by wearable devices. Technology and business breakthroughs in this area may directly change our current healthcare model."

Wang Jinbao believes that entrepreneurship is a higher step on the basis of innovation. It requires not only breakthroughs in professional disciplines, but also overall coordination in terms of interpersonal relationships and capital. He hopes to return to entrepreneurship, especially in the field of 5G and Internet of Things. He should make a proper choice with a rational attitude and his own conditions.

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